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Welcome to our online space.

We create irresistible

Our Story

We whip up fresh ideas constantly and our endless creativity is a sweet spot for every client we get to work with.

We also love the creating and executing impactful digital marketing strategies that make a difference, so expect us to refer to our sweet strategies often. Our strategies achieve results, and we are proud of that.

In short, we’re really the sweetest agency you’ll find, a team of dedicated digital professionals delivering services that make a difference for our clients since 2011.

So if you feel like you’re just randomly grabbing candy from a bag of sweets, when you know you should be more strategic about your brand and marketing, then let us know. We can make it sweet and easy.


What We Do

Brand Design

In a world full of brands, be the candy that everyone craves. To build a profitable business you need to have an irresistible brand that tells an emotive story. We can help unlock a brand story that resonates with your ideal market.

Brand Design is the pillar of all our services. From that first inspiring glimpse of your new brand’s logo to a very well-thought out strategy to launch, we pay attention to all the details, so you can pay attention to starting your business.

Content Marketing

Unwrap success, scale your business and build a profitable and consistent client base by leveraging Content Marketing.

We create and execute on solid content marketing strategies that will support clearly stated goals and objectives. Based on our strategy we create strategic, interesting, useful and sometimes viral digital content for any type of business.

Social Media Marketing

The sweetest thing about Social Media Marketing is its power to build brands and engage targeted communities with a clear strategy and purpose.
We do more than just manage social media channels; we add some sugar on top.

Location-based Marketing
Our roots are in a small town called Middelburg, Mpumalanga. That’s why we understand community is everything and local is not only lekker, it’s sweet!

Success for any local business is based on your local reputation and we can help you manage and leverage your reputation, as well as create local-focused marketing, manage your recommendations and create campaigns that will develop trust and community.

Franchise Marketing
Are you a franchise or franchisee in the restaurant, hospitality or lifestyle industries? We have developed, tried and tested our model for trouble-free Franchise Marketing.

We have experience of working with some of South Africa’s most sought after franchises and brands, heck, we helped some of the biggest names take their franchise online in massive ways.

We bring brand goals and franchise goals together effortlessly.

Paid Advertising
There’s no candy coating facts, Paid Advertising can get your business in front of millions, almost instantly.

We help businesses with large and small budgets achieve a return on their investment and grow their business steadily or generate mass interest in shorter campaigns.

Paid advertising is extremely targeted, we can unwrap the right audience of potential clients by advertising on Meta, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Google and other leading platforms.

Graphic Design
Sweeten your brand image with some irresistible Graphic Design. We design visual and print assets to tell your story and bring your brand to life.
WordPress Design
We design WordPress websites that are a treat to visit for the user. We will wrap up all the important information about your business in a creative way and design a website that is fun and easy to experience.

Let’s get you started with WordPress Design.

Need some sweet shots for your social media campaigns, your new menu, offices or to celebrate that sweet deal you closed? We’ll sort you out with any shoot your business might need.

We scale our Photography service to fit your budget and goals.

Our Clients

Our expertise spans across various industries, and we pride ourselves in delivering sweet marketing solutions to our trusted clients:

We come highly recommended

“LAMB Agency is incredible! Their dependability and their creativity for making our visions into reality are impeccable. They truly are an asset to our Hatchway Properties team!” -Megan, Hatchway Properties

“We have trusted LAMB Agency with our social media management for years. Their dedication ensure our platforms stay relevant and engaging. They respond swiftly to customers feedback and maintain our brand’s positive image. They are highly recommended.” -Johannes, Mountain Spring Spur

“One of the key strengths of LAMB Agency is their ability to craft compelling and technically accurate content that resonates with professionals. They skillfully translated complex engineering concepts into engaging marketing materials. Their commitment to client collaboration and transparency sets them apart. We can confidently say that LAMB Agency has been instrumental in elevating our marketing efforts and enhancing our visibility.” -Ruan, Endeto Project Services

“10 out of 10!”

-Pieter, RocoMamas I’Langa Mall

“We have been a loyal customer with LAMB Agency. I firmly believe that they can help you navigate through dark uncharted waters. LAMB Agency is an excellent team and ‘fire’ to work with. I’m a happy wolf!” -Krishaam, 1 on Palm